This page contains the feelings of students of the Xth Class about the school, in their last days at the School.



I shall miss everything that I have experience and enjoyed on this campus. I shall specially miss the history lessons which were made interesting by our teacher.

                                                                             Anarghya G.S.-X A

I joined this school in V standard. The five years I spent here are memorable. As every story has an end, my schooling here also comes to an end but leading to a new beginning. As I leave, I take positive thoughts with me trying to become a better person each day.

                                                                             Chandan H R – X B

On meeting people in this school, I started thinking differently. Earlier, I thought only about myself. Now, I can’t help but consider other people’s feelings. Over the years, I have learnt to be more positive and confident with encouragement from my teachers and friends.

                                                                             Charanya Kumar- XA

I consider myself to be lucky to have studied in the beautiful campus of Acharya Vidya Kula. I shall miss the campus, the teachers and everythin here.

                                                                              G.Chirag- XB

Each day in school was filled with fun, a little mischief and much learning. Our teachers were friendly hence we did not mind being corrected or scolded by them occasionally. I leave with a bag full of memories.

                                                                             Dhanyashree M S -X B

My journey in AVK is a mixture of myriad emotions. Our teachers took every opportunity to take us beyond academics. They taught us ethics and values. Thank you AVK for preparing me for life.

                                                                             Panchami T N – X B

All my teachers at AVK have taken care of me so well. They taught me what is right and what is wrong. Even though I made mistakes, they corrected me in a polite way. All that I am today is because of my teachres.That is what AVK was to me. The speaking activities during the English classes made me a better speaker. I am now rid of stage fear and am a confident person. I thank my teacher in English for her encouragement. As I move ahead, I leave behind not just a school but my family.

                                                                             Sahana S Arekal-X B

A small world was created for us here at AVK where we were cared for. Over the years I have cherished the greenery on this campus. I have learnt much more than academics. Every student is encouraged and provided an opportunity to hone their talents.

                                                                             Shraddha Rajesh – X B

Each day at Acharya Vidya Kula filled me with enthusiasm. The beautiful environment here brought out the best in me.

                                                                             Shreshta Urs – X B

When I entered Acharya Vidya Kula for the first time, I found that the campus had a cheerful atmosphere. My teachers and friends have  showered a lot of love and affection and have stood by me when I needed their support. I thank all my teachers, especially my class teacher Saraswathi ma’am for her guidance. 

                                                                             Shreyas Prabhu – X B

The ten years of my schooling are valuable. I have been fortunate to have met teachers and friends who have played a part in making these years memorable

                                                                             Vibhu Varan – XB